Monday, August 15, 2011

Reflective Presentation

Focuses of reflective presentation:

- Thinking Process – 3C

Critical thinking

In my project, I find that there is possibility where the idea should be explore deeper as in profit that client can gain. If I did explain my idea of mobilizing in store experience guarantee brings back profit to cover the budget in a short time, it should be convincing enough.

Creative ideas

Mobilizing in store experience by having a specific application seems not creative as compared to a multi-touch screen kiosk. Budget should not restrict an designer’s creativity during idea generation. A successful designer must fully utilize the minimal budget to maximize the impact of creative idea.

Competitive ideas

If 50% of peers are about to have similar ideas, we shall try to be outstanding in terms of the value of an idea. Looking into similar ideas with similar concept definitely brings boredom to client. Designers should be competitive among ourselves to extract the value of an idea.

- Working Attitude – 3E


Work on selected idea with passion, spend amount of time to research about target audience. Explore what they really needs and what client needs. In the research of target audience, it is clearly to see that I lacked of study of users.


Expand the research process to client’s shop, and documenting the experience of consumers. It helps to clarify company branding image and consumer needs. Do not afraid of irritating works such as questionnaire, interview, take photos and make analysis. These are essence of a project.


Make sure tasks distribution is adequate to accomplish desired objectives. It should mark the effectiveness of a project. Take actions rather than thinking, it saves time and gives result.

Keep in touch with client is very important as well. Before a decision making, we should go through our client to get permission or approval to move on because they are making the payment. Client has the authority to know the progress of a project. Client always want to know where they spend the money and the profit.

Sharing is caring. Designers should always share their brilliant ideas with their peers or family, though the ideas were stupid sometimes. Sharing among each other helps to collect feedback and proceed to further analysis and thinking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reflection of pitch presentation

After the pitch presentation, I realized that budget is not really a consideration for pitching idea. In fact your idea can go as creative as possible without restricted by given budget. And about branding image of Justlife, it is more towards hospitality instead of tech savvy. Creating multimedia platform without involving any technology which I think is not possible at all. Let say we require consumer to take photo for upload purpose, it is still requires technology device such as camera. Yet, we were told there is this possibility about non- technology involvement. From this presentation, I learn that creativity should not restrict by budget at the phase of idea generation process and knowing well about company’s branding image is the key to make a touch point and valued your idea.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Presentation Slides

Some of the slides during pitch presentation

Time ratio is 1:1:3 (15 minutes)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Interface Design

Finished Interfaces Design

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sketches 2

Interfaces Outlines

Monday, July 11, 2011

Flowchart 2

Refine Version

This is refinement that I have done after reconsider bout human – human interaction between Justlife’s staff & consumer. Justlife Avatar consists of 4 major functions, product briefing, product test, issue quiz and up-to- date. Product briefing and up-to-date are focus more on consumer’s interests where consumer able get to know about Justlife product and latest promotion. Whereas product test and issue quiz are meant for increase loyalty to the company and provide opportunity of self- learning about relevant product. Knowing well about Justlife product is the key of creating conversation with either new consumer or regular consumer. Justlife Avatar is designing as an extension of memory and better communication tool for staff to promote sales. Being not contradicting with brand image, I propose a multimedia platform to enhance communication between Justlife staff and consumer.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Initial Sketches

These are initial sketches based on the draft version of flowchart.